Bottled Ocean Water Keepsake

Bottled ocean water from New England! Imagine sitting at home and opening up one of our bottles of ocean water. Taking in the scent only pure ocean water can provide and remembering that special occasion or the memory of home.

All bottles are resealable and can be opened and closed anytime.  Each bottle also features sand/rocks from the water source.

Also, each bottle can include a special vinyl decal at no extra cost.  If you would like something custom placed on the bottle, please drop us an email and we will see what we can do!

Each bottle is about 8 inches tall x 2 1/4 wide.

 Water Sources:

  • Salisbury Beach, MA - A nice family friendly place to visit and enjoy the ocean. This place is all about the beach and the water.

  • Hampton Beach, NH - Rated in the top 3 cleanest beaches in the United States and was rated in the top 10 values for resorts in America.

While our bottled water looks great on a shelf all by itself, we also offer some decorative options to display your bottle.